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Trust is needed for every partnership. We want you to trust us by knowing who we are and what we aim for.

Royal Home Care, Inc. was established primarily to provide care for people. With almost 15 years of experience in the field, the owner has the passion to serve patients aged 18 years old and older with traumatic brain injuries, developmental disabilities, long-term disabilities, and people who need behavioral support and general care. Its main purpose is to support clients as they develop their fullest potential and achieve the most normal lifestyle possible. We assist the residents to settle and be productive members of the community they live in.

Our company is registered in the state as a service provider. We have comprehensive home care license and general liability insurance that covers the business that we are running. We also have a capacity of 4 residents with each individual’s private room.

Our ability to provide exceptional services is what makes us unique than our competitors. Our staffs are highly trained and provide person-centered services that are tailored to the person’s personal care plan.

Mission Statement

Royal means superior size or quality. Together, we can create a company that reaches the peak of expertise, innovation, and compassionate care.

Vision Statement

We aim to provide quality services and care to our clients so that those we serve will be able to realize their goals and reach their potentials.